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April 2014

This is my last post.

I’ve lived with the dream of writing for all of my adult life and I do not intend to abolish that dream.  I only expect to redirect my writing so that I can realize the goal of writing a book.  This book intends to integrate the philosophies and sciences that expose themselves with common regularity and that have found my passion.  In order to do this I will need to focus completely on such a task.  I have the good fortune of connections with people who can help make this dream a reality. 

Each day it seems I’ve found the loving embrace of Spirit’s essence coursing through the moments of a morning’s dawn, a summer thunder storm, a well written poem, my science books, a well cooked meal, and evening’s glorious sunset.  I know that there is more than what our perception of sight will allow us to witness.  I can “feel” it passing through me with every breath.  The possibilities for our existence are vast and far too numerous to expand upon in these brief and final paragraphs that I’ll spend here. 

Sometimes it is enough for me to ponder those famed words “I think, therefore I am.”

But I’ve babbled on long enough.  I have loved the opportunity to wax philosophically to an audience receptive to such banter.  I can not thank my mother enough for this, and she will never know just how much her faith in me has meant. 

I have a purpose that is important.  Not to the fate of mankind, nor to the survival of the universe.  It is important because it is my defining moment.  To write my book is not about finding fame and fortune.  It is about accomplishing the event.  If I am the only person that ever reads what I have written in the future, then I will leave this world satisfied for the completion of the dream.

Thank you all for your readership…..I sincerely appreciate it and wish each and everyone one of you the very best.

God speed…


Sean Yeterian


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