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Understanding Externalization Cycles
The Red/Pink Lines on the Calendar

Red - "Universal Externalization Cycle"

The red lines on the calendar indicate externalization cycles. As the name implies, these are cycles of intensified energy that affect everyone. The universal externalization cycle magnifies emotional energy. As you enter into an externalization cycle, if you're in an emotional state of accomplishment, joyous expectation, loving emotions, then all of those states of being are intensified. If you can consciously project yourself into a positive state, you can benefit tremendously from the externalization cycle. These cycles can be times of excellent accomplishment, high vitality, and an almost euphoric emotional state. If you enter into these cycles in positive energy, it's like riding the crest of a wave. It just takes you higher and higher.

The externalization cycle magnifies all emotions. Those who are angry can become violent and destructive. Those who are depressive can become suicidal. Those who believe they are insufficient or incapable can become totally immobilized. More accidents occur during these times. You'll see more floods, fires, storms and earthquakes. More acts of violence occur; more relationships break up. It releases suppressed emotions and causes major disagreements over minor misunderstandings. Understanding the cycles is very important.

Ask yourself, "What have I done with my life, and what must I now do to bring myself into alignment with spiritual intent?" It's important to realize that situations now occurring in your life are the result of your attitudes and actions. You must take control and bring yourself into positive focus in order to create necessary changes in your life. You must also realize that most people don't understand what is happening to them, and as a result, are living in a state of magnified and chaotic emotion. Many are acting out these magnified emotions through inharmonious and destructive behaviors. It's very important not to enter into other people's chaos….to stay clear and positive and focused on your spiritual intent.

It's important to realize that this intensified energy is neither good nor bad. It is just powerfully increased energy. The question is, what are you going to do with it? You can use it to brighten your life and accomplish enormously, or you can allow it to magnify and increase darkness and despair until you're finally forced by the enormity of your emotions to release them through uncontrolled, erratic outbursts. Use prayer and meditation in order to maintain higher energy and positive focus so that you can benefit from this intensified energy. When you're aware of the energy and the times of the increased intensifications, you can use this energy to improve your life in wonderful ways.

A pink line on the calendar indicates a building-up of energy in advance of the externalization cycle (red line), and then lingering energy of the externalization.

Understanding Null Cycles
(the Green Time Spans on the Calendar)
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Understanding Internalization Cycles
(the Blue/Lt. Blue Lines on the Calendar)

Understanding Externalization Cycles
(the Red/Pink Lines on the Calendar)
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