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Understanding Null Cycles
The Green Time Spans on the Calendar

Specific times of null cycles are listed on the calendar (for example, 8:00 am-9:00 am). Some null cycles last for several days. This is shown on the calendar by arrows that continue through the following day(s) until the end of that particular null cycle. All times are Pacific Standard Time.

A null cycle is stagnant, non-moving energy. Null cycles are universal. They affect everyone in the same way at the same time.

Every successful business person knows that timing is crucial. One day you may have a meeting and experience excellent results. Then, on another day, you may meet with the same people during a null cycle and find them to be non-responsive or uncooperative.

Never schedule important business meetings, sign contracts or mail important communications during a null cycle. During a null cycle, if you attempt to negotiate a business deal, you may leave that meeting feeling that you have come to agreements. You may even have signed contracts. However, it is an absolute guarantee that whatever is agreed to during a null cycle will not come to pass.

It's very important to pay attention to the null cycles on your calendar. During these indicated times, don't try to negotiate business deals. Don't apply for a loan, make an offer on property, or try to close a sale. The deal is sure to fall through.

Communications fail during null cycles. Don't try to have im-portant conversations during null cycles. You will discover later that the other person had a completely different conversation than you had. Mail gets lost. Don't put important communications in the mail during a null cycle. Don't place advertising during a null cycle. All forms of communication are affected. If you can't avoid an important conversation during a null cycle, I recommend that you follow it up immediately after the null cycle ends with a written communication stating, "As per our conversation, this is my interpretation of our discussion." This can save a lot of frustration.

It is not a good idea to travel during null cycles. Although thousands of planes take off and land during every null cycle…it has been estimated that 90% of all plane crashes happen during null cycles. If you must drive, then drive defensively - people are much less aware during null cycles and likely to run red lights or drift into your lane of traffic.

Don’t have surgery during a null cycle if at all possible. The surgeon’s knife is much more likely to slip. Medical complications are just about guaranteed if you submit to any invasive procedure during a null cycle.

People are out of sync during null cycles. They will arrive late or very early for appointments (if they remember the appointment at all). They will be disorganized, easily confused, highly stressed and quick to take offense. So relax. Lower your expectations. Loosen up your schedule so that you can comfortably adapt to other peoples inconsistencies. Be understanding. You have the benefit of knowing what’s going on. They don’t.

The best thing to do during a null cycle is nothing. If you have to do something, sharpen your pencils, arrange your photo album, sew on some buttons; or better yet, make lists of stuff to do after the null cycle ends.

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Understanding Null Cycles
(the Green Time Spans on the Calendar)
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Understanding Internalization Cycles
(the Blue/Lt. Blue Lines on the Calendar)

Understanding Externalization Cycles
(the Red/Pink Lines on the Calendar)
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