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January 2016

Hello, Everyone.....

First, Happy New Year....I sincerely hope 2016 brings much in the way of Love and Laughter to each of us as we are in the midst on the ongoing Lessons we are learning and/or being tested on to see if we've finally got "it" down.  Knowing we have Love and keeping our Humor close by can help to get us through most of our experiences (lessons) with greater ease.  I say "most" rather than "all" because I'm aware that a lot of people are having to say goodbye to their loved ones right now, and of course it's hard to laugh when we're grieving.  In that case, may patient Love, Compassion, Caring and thoughtful Consideration be especially nearby to help get us through the Sorrow.

And second, I want to thank you all for reading my newsletters these past few years.  For the most part, I've looked forward to writing them, but I have struggled mightily these past few months, hoping for inspiration but not finding it easily (if at all).   Just as our world is going through Universal Transition, a lot of people I know are also going through Major Life transitions - I'm one of them.  If you've ever been through one or read Dixie's description of it under her Teachings link, then you know it can be a booger energetically for awhile.   I'm in the "first trimester", so to speak, and thus my very low energy.  Am grateful to Dixie for describing the process so well! 

Because this is my second experience of personal major life transition, I'm riding this one with much more confidence that my energy won't always be so low.  WHEW.  But for the present time, it is, and I'm knowing I need to take everything off my plate, including writing this newsletter, until such time as I am inspired to write again (if and when that happens - shoot, it could be next month for all I know....)

THANK you again for being there.....and may 2016 bring out the Best in each of us!!!

Hold On To Your Spirit,




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