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Why is it that some days we feel exhilarated, and other days we can hardly drag ourselves out of bed and through the day?

Why is it that some days people are totally cooperative, and at other times they seem set on thwarting us?

Why is it that sometimes we can have deep, meaningful communication, and at other times it seems that every conversation leaves us feeling unheard?

It’s about the energy of the time.

An understanding of universal cycles of intensification and an understanding of null cycles can change and incredibly enhance the quality of your life. It can improve your personal relationships. It can give you greater assurance of positive outcome in business ventures. It can affect every aspect of your experience.

The information offered through these monthly calendars is amazing. See our sample calendars and look at what has happened in your life during those times.


Understanding Null Cycles
(the Green Time Spans on the Calendar)
Annual Calendar to Date
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Understanding Internalization Cycles
(the Blue/Lt. Blue Lines on the Calendar)

Understanding Externalization Cycles
(the Red/Pink Lines on the Calendar)
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