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Understanding Internalization Cycles
The Blue/Lt. Blue Lines on the Calendar

Blue - "Universal Internalization Cycle"

The blue lines on the calendar indicate internalization cycles. These are times of slower, lower energy that affect everyone simultaneously. If you are a person who is highly motivated with high vitality by nature, these can be difficult times for you. You may feel disempowered. You may feel that it's impossible to make things happen.

Tension is always the result of blocked energy flow. The internalization cycle is blocked energy flow. There is simply no vital energy available. When there is no energy available, you automatically experience heightened tension. If your work depends on your energy, your income drops off. Projects you are trying to accomplish get stalled. Mail you expect doesn't arrive. Documents you are trying to process get lost. This is a time when everything is slowed down and when things just don't happen in a timely fashion. So for most people, frustration and tension are the bywords of the internalization cycle.

This energy brings delays and misunderstandings. There are problems with communication in general. During this time, it is important to follow-up any significant verbal communication with a letter, stating your understanding of the conversation so that you'll have evidence of it; because later, the other person will have a totally different recollection of the conversation (if he even remembers it at all). It's not a good time to take journeys simply because there will be delays and unexpected problems, such as lost luggage; and also because we're not as mentally acute during internalization cycles. There is generally lowered vitality, which can cause despondency for some people. This is not a good time to schedule important meetings or sign legal documents.

People who ordinarily function in very slow, lethargic energy enjoy the internalization cycle. It is compatible to their natures. People who function in high, motivated energy love the externalization cycle because they feel the life force energy of the planet is moving with them. Both cycles have significant properties. The internalization cycle is a time in which we are intended to slow down and assess our lives, our goals, and to come into greater attunement with our spiritual source. The externalization cycle is intended to bring those realizations into action in our outer experience.

Use the universal internalization cycle to do personal organization: to organize your files, to clean out your closet, to align your thoughts, and your spiritual intention with your life goals. Plan future projects….just don't try to start projects during this cycle, because other people won't cooperate with you. Even if they wanted to cooperate with you, they won't understand you. Internalization cycles bring thoughts and feelings about the past. This is a good time to assess and get to the core of your deep feelings. Whenever possible, put off action on important events until after internalization cycles end.

If you must take action, it's better to do so during an externalization cycle than during an internalization cycle, because even though it's erratic energy, at least the externaliza-tion cycle is energy with movement. During an internalization cycle, energy is blocked and non-moving. Things you start have much less chance of lasting. Things don't move forward.

Don't let yourself get frustrated that life appears to be on hold. Relax. Live with an awareness that everything is slowed down and that things are not going to happen in accordance with your personal time schedule. Go with the flow of the currents of your life. Remember, if you fight the current, it will pull you under. If you grab at the rocks, it will impede your progress. If you relax, the current will hold you up and move you toward your destina-tion. This is a time to internalize, to reassess, to reunite and realign with your spiritual source. If you harmonize with the internalization, it can be a wonderful time of self-exploration. So slow down….and let Spirit work in you and with you.

A light blue line on the calendar indicates the beginning of a shift in energy as we head into an internalization cycle (blue line), and the subsequent fading of its intensity afterwards.

Understanding Null Cycles
(the Green Time Spans on the Calendar)
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Understanding Internalization Cycles
(the Blue/Lt. Blue Lines on the Calendar)

Understanding Externalization Cycles
(the Red/Pink Lines on the Calendar)
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