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Understanding the Intuitive Sense

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The Greatest Power of the Universe Is Hidden Within Man

The intuitive sense is the only sense that doesn’t have an organ through which to function, so it uses your dominant sense to provide information.

We all function dominantly through one or more senses. For instance, I am powerfully auditory. I remember almost anything I hear, but I have very little visual awareness. If you and I have a conversation and you subsequently leave my presence, I am unlikely to remember what you were wearing, the color of your eyes, or even very much about your features. But if I ever hear your voice again, I will remember everything about you.

My friend Saundra is predominantly visual. It’s a waste of time to tell her something without immediately writing her a memo to remind her of it. Words don’t imprint on her mind unless she sees them. She’ll respond to me when I’m talking to her, but she probably won’t remember our conversation later. However, she often remembers, years later, the pattern of the wallpaper in a restaurant that we visited, or what I was wearing at a particular event.

If you are predominantly a visual person, your intuitive sense will most likely present itself as clairvoyance. Clairvoyance means “clear seeing”. People who experience clairvoyance see images and sometimes visions. They often are capable of perceiving the human aura. (The word “clairvoyance” is also popularly used to describe a person who perceives information without use of any of the five senses, meaning you didn’t see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, smell it – you just knew it. In other words, you had no way of knowing about it through personal experience.)

If you are auditory by nature, your intuitive sense will most likely present information to you through hearing. This phenomenon is called clairaudience. If you are clairaudient, you have had the experience of being alone in a room or perhaps walking down a street, and you’ve heard voices. Perhaps you thought someone was talking to you, or you heard your name called, and when you looked around, there was no one there. Most clairaudients think they are hearing voices from the Spirit world. In fact, this experience appears to be, most commonly, the result of telepathic awareness. So, if during a consultation with you, I tell you that I “saw” a red truck, I didn’t in fact “see” anything. I just knew there was a truck, and I knew it was red; and frequently a voice inside my mind tells me information about the red truck.

Very emotional people are more likely to be clairaudient. Very logical people are more likely to be clairvoyant.

We also experience intuitive perception through clair-olfactance. For instance, if I were thinking of you, you might suddenly smell my perfume and be reminded of me. If I were frying onions, you may turn to others and say, “Do you smell onions frying?” Or, you might taste onions. (The taste senses are, in fact, the result of our ability to smell.) Clair-olfactance is almost always a telepathic experience.

The most commonly experienced means of perception is through the touch senses. This phenomenon is called clairsentience. You are experiencing clairsentience when you enter a house and unaccountably feel anxious or angry. In such cases, you are perceiving discordant emotions that have taken place in that environment. Or, you may feel comfortable and at peace, in which case that environment has been occupied by compatible, loving people.

It appears that emotional energy permeates matter. If that emotional energy is powerful (such as the result of violent trauma), the presence of that energy can be felt by “sensitives” for hundreds of years. You’ve experienced this when you visited an antique store, saw something you loved, picked it up and were repelled; or picked it up and said, “Oh, my gosh, I love this and I have to have it!” The technique by which you experience clairsentience is called psychometry. To experience psychometry, all you have to do is hold an object that belongs to a person, then sit in a relaxed state and allow yourself to be receptive to “information” that flows from the object.

I teach all of this information in a workshop that I call “Empathic Survival”. There is certainly much more to this, but I’ve included these basic explanations here because I am so frequently asked what these experiences mean. They don’t mean anything. They are just the result of heightened or expanded awareness. It’s as though you are no longer just seeing in front of yourself, but also to the side and behind. Most people are a bit spooked when they have these extrasensory awarenesses. I believe that the world would be a much better place if we all worked to develop our abilities to have such perceptions so that we could be better attuned to each other, to our environment, and to our Spiritual essence.

Dixie Yeterian
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