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June 2018

In order to best understand these monthly newsletters, I recommend that you always go to the Calendar page, click on the Monthly Calendar, and if you haven't done so yet, read the information about externalization/internalization cycles and null cycles so that you can understand the calendar. Without an understanding of the calendar, you won't gain the full value from the information given forth in these newsletters. The calendars give you the opportunity in life to select the best times to make important decisions or to take action on important events in your life. They also serve to give you a greater understanding of the Spiritual energy that is at work behind the events in the world and in our personal lives. I can't stress strongly enough how important it is for you to read the information about the externalization/internalization/null cycles. This knowledge can impact your life in very powerful and important ways.


Dear Friend:

I had to laugh when (after having procrastinated until it then became impossible for me to get my newsletter posted on time for this month) I focused into the energies of June, and the first thing that came to me was "don't hesitate, don't procrastinate or you'll miss opportunities."  As we entered into June, almost all the symbols were about transformation, new beginnings, and the need to be ready to take action.  We almost always see these transformational symbols in the spring months, but the ones we're seeing now aren't typical.....and they continue on through the summer months.

Almost any psychic and probably most astrologers would tell you at this time that we have entered a very significant transformational cycle.  I absolutely agree with all of them, and I am now ready to tell you that in spite of the continuing intensified energies, we should be feeling much more physically and emotionally energized as we move into the summer months.  The intensification we've been experiencing has had the effect of magnifying whatever emotional or physical state we've been in.  If we entered these intensifications feeling emotionally elevated and excited about the future, that energy has had the effect of picking us up and teaching us to fly.  Those of us who entered these intensifications with low energy or feeling sad are now most likely immersed in despair or depression. Those who are despairing will take a while longer to be able to benefit from the elevating shifts that are beginning to take place now.

Most of us felt the shift that took place on the 12th of June.  It reawakened our brains.  We are finding ourselves remembering things that we thought we'd forgotten.  Memories of past events are flowing forth.  The purpose of this is to help us to realize the connections between experiences that we're having now and past events.  We are being reminded of the past so that we can better handle the present and hopefully so that we will recognize that we are repeating patterns and realize that our old way of responding to these repeating events hasn't worked.  Hopefully we will begin to search for different and better ways to respond.

At the same time that we are experiencing an opening of memory, we are also experiencing an amazing creative awakening.  There's a wonderful surge of creativity and inspiration happening right now.  If you've given up on creative endeavors, this is the time to start writing again, to start painting again, to start sculpting again.  So many truly creative people have given up on their creative endeavors as they went through these dense energy cycles.  People who are naturally creative are also much more sensitive than others, so they respond to universal and energetic shifts much more dramatically than most people.  A prolonged cycle of dense internalized energy can spiral a truly sensitive person down into deep depression.

I expect, now, that I will be hearing from my clients and readers that they are feeling so much better.....that they can think again, that they actually feel happy again.....that they have hope again.  And that they don't understand why they're having these elevated emotions because very little has changed in the world or in their personal lives.  Of course my response to them is going to be that a lot IS changing in the world, and a lot is changing in our personal lives.  Many of these changes are happening at subliminal levels so that we won't even be aware of them until they're fully manifest in our outer realities.

I'm hearing from so many people that they have stopped praying.....that as they sank into exhaustion and grief, they lost hope, they lost faith.  They no longer could feel their connection with Spirit.  This is a natural response to despair.  I could tell you that God never turns His back on us.....that if we reach out and can't find Him, it's because we've turned our backs on Him.  And I could tell you that all we need to do is call out to Him, and there will be an answer.  It may not be the answer we want and it may not come in the time that we would expect, but there will be an answer.  The answer usually comes in a rapid change to whatever situation we're struggling with.  So I'm urging people to pray, whether or not they feel that they're being heard.  We all know what it's like to feel like our prayers are bouncing off a brick wall, that Spirit has abandoned us.....and those of us who have lived long enough also know from experience that every problem (challenge) that Life presents to us is resolved with time.  There is never a time in our lives that we don't have a problem to deal with, and enough time spent in life gives us absolute evidence that every problem does get resolved.  Yesterday's problems become today's Wisdom.

So the best way to deal with what we call "problems" is to assess the situation, let our minds plays with it for awhile, and then after our minds are tired of playing with it, then we need to relax and ask for help.....ask for clarity.....ask to be shown a way to resolve the situation so that every person involved is benefitted.  We can never resolve an issue while we are immersed in emotions of anger, resentment, fear and especially a desire for revenge. 

The most important thing I've said to you is that we must ask for resolution that benefits every person involved.  When we are focusing our attention into our lives in a manner that honors all participants, it is possible for us to be completely connected to and partnered with Spirit.  Spirit does not partner with negative, non-constructive intentions or desires.  It is usually when we are holding to such intentions or desires that we find our prayers bouncing off brick walls.

I strongly urge those who are experiencing depression to take action so that they can lift up out of this dense energy more rapidly.  When I say "take action", I mean take up or renew creative endeavors, meditate/pray, and/or spend as much time outside as possible.  One of the things that most of us are experiencing now is a yearning to feel a connection with the earth.  When I say "connected with the earth," I mean gardening, hiking, camping out - or simply enjoying sitting in our back yards.  Connection with the earth is very important and very necessary at this time.  Earth energy strengthens our physical bodies.  It increases our physical vitality, and when our physical vitality is elevated, our emotional vitality automatically elevates with it.  One of the things that I do is take off my shoes and go outside and plant my feet on the ground or in the grass.  Try this - you'll be amazed by the energy that flows from the earth up through your feet and into and throughout your entire body.  Spending even 15-20 minutes a day absorbing earth energy can uplift us throughout the rest of the day.

On the 18th of June, we will experience an extremely unusual energy.  The good news is that it only lasts for one day.  I don't really know what it is - I've only experienced this kind of energy a few times.  It distorts our reality.  We are likely to find ourselves feeling more and more emotional as the day goes on, dwelling on a situation that we later discover we had either completely misinterpreted or misread, or that ended up being nothing at all.  This energy brings powerfully intensified emotions combined with distorted perceptions.  It can create havoc in our lives.  If we don't keep reminding ourselves that this may not be reality, that this may not be real, we could easily attack another, accusing them or blaming them and causing unnecessary pain and potentially seriously harming relationships.  Be very wary of any magnified emotions you feel on the 18th of June.

The last ten days of June, we're all going to be experiencing a desire to be in our homes.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to shop for comfort items - things like snuggly blankets or throws and pretty pillows - nice serving ware - anything that makes your home feel more comfortable/attractive.  The energy of the last ten days will be urging us to nest, to be in our homes spending time with those we love.  It also urges us to open up deep discussion.....in many cases, to reconnect and clear the air. 

Be careful on the 28th and 29th about entering into disputes in the work environment or around business situations.  You may find yourself in a situation where you feel that you have to do battle.  As much as possible, I recommend to you that you speak only on a surface level about whatever the situation is, but try not to delve into it deeply until after the 29th.  Emotions will be elevated - letting ourselves dive into a work or business related situation could cause real problems and do permanent damage to work or business relationships.

So as you see, a lot is happening during the month of June, even though it may feel as though nothing is happening, as though we're just plodding along through a heavy fog.  I can promise you that this fog is lifting and that you can expect to be feeling much better as we move forward in time.  However, it's going to take a little while for some of us to pull all the way out of the dense energy that we've been immersed in. 

There are a lot of symbols throughout the month of June that have to do with water.  These symbols can be both positive and negative.  You can expect during the latter part of the month that there will be flash flooding.  You can expect that there will be major issues (possibly lawsuits) around water-related matters.  And we as individuals are very likely to experience a compulsion to be in or near water. 

We're going to be experiencing more unusual events.  Major fires will begin to happen much earlier this year, starting in the third week of June.  These "read" that they're caused by arson.  I'm not speaking of forests alone, but also of buildings.  The symbols around the fires are very magnified, so I'm interpreting this to mean that large building/large construction could be at risk as well.  Whenever we see these symbols, we have to be extra careful with anything having to do with fire, so those who are camping out should be extra vigilant.  Make sure those campfires are completely extinguished.  AND be extra careful around your home.

We have entered this new cycle that we're going to love because it is so elevating, but I need to remind you that the intensifications that we have been experiencing are continuing, so we are experiencing both powerful energy at the same time that we're experiencing the energetic magnification.  Please remember that the energetic magnification doesn't mean positive or negative - it simply increases or magnifies whatever we are in.  So the most important thing we can do in this time is to keep ourselves focused on Joy and Beauty, on Love.....on all those qualities of Being that uplift us....because the very moment that we focus on doubt or fear or any diminishing emotion, we are pulled deeply into that emotion. 

This energy is powerful!  WE are in control.  It's very important to remember that WE are in control.  If we find ourselves beginning to sink back down, that's the time for us to turn on music and dance or sing......or call up our cheerful or funny friend and talk with them for a few minutes.  Just talking to them can lift us out of our dark places.

The best thing I see about the month of June is an energy that comes in around the 15th that awakens loving emotions in us.  We will find ourselves feeling more loving and having the urge to express our love to others.  The most important thing that we experience in our lives is our relationship with others.  Our relationships are what life is about.  The purpose of Life is to learn to Love....Love flows from Spirit.  Love flows from the Divinity of that which we call God.  When we strive to live in partnership with Spirit, the very presence of Spirit in our lives automatically immerses us in the Love of Spirit so that that Love not only surrounds us but flows through to others.

We have a wonderful opportunity in this time to hold tightly to the Hand of Spirit while focusing our attention on others so that we can BE the Channel for the Love of Spirit to flow into this dimension and to heal and to ease others.  That's what it's all about.


Stay Focused on the Light.....


Dixie Yeterian


PS: The Null Cycle Calendar for 2018 is now available. For additional information, email info@dixieyeterian.com.

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